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How to prepare your tracks for mastering..

When submitting a mix for mastering…


  • The file should be kept in the same resolution as it was mixed in (no down conversions).
  • For Example: A song mixed at 24bit 48kHz should be submitted as a 24bit 48kHz file (.WAV or .AIFF)
  • Bitrate: 24bit or higher
  • Samplerate: 44.1khz or higher
  • Please turn off all dynamic plugins on the master-channel before exporting your track!
  • No sum-compression or limiting of the mixdown signal.
  • Please keep at least 2 seconds of silence at the beginning & especially at the end of each track.

How to deliver the pre-masters..


  • ZIP all files and name the ZIP file with Catlog Nr. / Record Label / Artist
  • Don‘t forget to tell us what kind of mastering you need. 
  • Please include your invoice address + Tax VAT.ID number (only if you have one)
  • Create a direct download link or use
  • Use the “Premaster Submission Form” below to send us your files & info’s.

And then?..

  • We now take care of the mastering process.
  • Usually it takes no longer than 2-3 working days.
  • We let you know if there are any issues with the pre-master and help you to fix it.
  • You’ll get the final masters via email.
  • As soon as the masters are approved from your side we’ll provide you with an invoice.
  • Everybody is happy and ready to move on..

Audio Mastering – Price List


  • download as .wav
  • Ready for distribution

CD Mastering

  • download as .wav
  • Ready for distribution

Vinyl Mastering

  • download as .wav
  • Ready for Lacquer Cutting
  • incl. E-Master

DDP Mastering

  • DDP processing & generation
  • Ready for CD-Pressing

please note: All prices without VAT !!!

Mastering Hours

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Audio Mastering Engineer

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