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Specialized in electronic music since 2001.

So.. Here is where we realize the musical potential of your tracks and make sure everything is perfectly prepared for any and all playback situations. 

It translates from the most perfect listening environment, headphones to nightclubs down to the simple laptop or phone speaker.

What can we do for you?

Stereo Mastering:

  • e-Master // ready for digital distribution (Beatport, Juno, SoundCloud, Promo, etc.)
  • Streaming Master // ready for digital distribution (Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc.)
  • Vinyl Master // ready for lacquer cutting
  • DDP Master // ready for CD-Pressing plants
Post Production & Studio Services:
  • STEM mastering
  • Post-Production & Mixdown
  • Format-Converting
  • Restauration / Re-Mastering
  • Project support, consulting & assistance

How to prepare your tracks for mastering..

When submitting a mix for mastering…

  • The file should be kept in the same resolution as it was mixed in (no down conversions).
  • For Example: A song mixed at 24bit 48kHz should be submitted as a 24bit 48kHz file (.WAV or .AIFF
  • Samplerate: 44.1khz or higher
  • Bitrate: 24bit or higher
  • Please turn off all dynamic plugins on the master-channel before exporting your track!
  • No sum-compression or limiting of the mixdown signal.
  • Please keep some free headroom (something around -3db & -5db) No clipping!
  • Please keep at least 2 seconds of silence at the beginning & especially at the end of each track.

How to deliver the pre-masters..

  • ZIP all files and name the ZIP file with Catlog Nr. / Record Label / Artist
  • Don‘t forget to tell us what kind of mastering you need. (We recommend an additional master for streaming services)
  • Please include your invoice address + Tax VAT.ID number (only if you have one)
  • Create a direct download link or use /
  • Use the “Premaster Submission Form” below to send us your files & info’s.

And then?..

  • We now take care of the mastering process.
  • Usually it takes no longer than 2-3 working days.
  • We let you know if there are any issues with the pre-master and help you to fix it.
  • You’ll get an email with a download link for the masters.
  • As soon as the masters are approved from your side we’ll provide you with an invoice.
  • Everybody will be happy and ready to move on.

We are mastering for….


1 song = 45 EUR
5 songs and more = 40 EUR per song

  • Included are WAV-files for Digital Distribution
  • For optimized “Masters for streaming platforms, please add an additional 10% to the above prices.
  • For optimized “Vinyl Pre-Masters” please add an additional 10-20% to the above prices.
  • For STEM-mastering, please add an additional 30% to the above prices.
  • Masters of alternative versions of songs, such as instrumentals, radio edits etc.. = 10 EUR/version.
  • Physical PMCD or Physical DDP = 100 EUR/unit +shipping & handling.
  • * Prices may be subject to change if program running length is unusually short or long.
  • please note: All prices without VAT !!!
Andreas is taking care of all masterings by himself.

Mastering Hours

Andreas Henneberg

Audio Mastering Engineer

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